Lets start wanting what we need

What we want is most often not the same as what we need. Lets say you are a person who grew up in an environment that was one of those that valued independence and self realization. Everyone around you was so indepently busy realizing their self that most of the time you were on your own. It felt as if you didn’t really belong. 
Hoping you would belong you start realizing yourself in the same way your environment does. You become independent, pursue a career where you can be your own boss, use daily affirmations to tell yourself how good you are, buy expensive clothes and make-up because -you are worth it-. In fact your entire life is filled with stuff that is advertised as such. Oh and yes next week that new popular phone comes out, make sure you preorder it so you belong to the first who have it. At some point you come to the realization that inspite off everything you have, you still don’t belong. This throws you somewhat off balance. No worries lets buy that selfrealisation course to restore balance and heal our self so we can continue as before.

What if?

When, instead of looking for ways to keep on going, we stop to find out why we need what we want. We will find what we truely need (in this case belonging) and by embracing it, we will start to find ways to meet that need. In doing so we wont have to keep chasing our tail and we will step out of the tredmill to see our inner needs being met.

So in order to obtain true freedom we should stop needing what we want and want what we need instead.

Thank you for becoming your authentic self”

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